The Budapest DW Forum offers three days of talks, discussions and workshops about how organizations manage and use their data. From traditional ETL issues to data modeling to cutting-edge Big Data technologies, the Forum provides a great opportunity to learn more about data management and analytics.


Keynote Speakers



Big Data Day

4th June, 2014

8:00-9:00 Regisztráció és reggeli kávé/Registration and coffee

The State of Data

Arató Bence, BI Consulting

Lessons learned building a petabyte-scale data infrastructure

Tóth Zoltán, Prezi

Kávészünet/Coffee Break

Big Data at Work

Luis Moreno Campos, Oracle

Using Big Data for fast product iterations to drive user growth

Wouter de Bie, Spotify

12:30-14:00 Ebédszünet/Lunch Break

How we didn't build a traditional DW for viewership numbers at Ustream

Papp Tamás, Ustream

Location-based Mobile Advertising at Magyar Telekom

Dr. Lóránd Balázs, T-Systems

Experiencing migration among Map/Reduce platforms

Fábián Zsolt, Spil Games


Continuous data processing with Kinesis at Snowplow

Alex Dean, Snowplow Analytics Ltd

Managing Financial Big Data on Hadoop

Gábor Zoltán, Falkstenen AB Hungarian Branch Office

Cooccurrence-based recommendations
with Mahout, Scala & Spark

Christoph Boden, TU Berlin

Kávészünet/Coffee Break

Apache giraph: large-scale graph processing on hadoop

Claudio Martella, VU University Amsterdam

Grafos.ML: Tools for large-scale graph mining and machine learning

Dionysios Logothetis, Telefonica Research

17:30-19:00 Állófogadás/Welcome Party

Data Warehouse day

5th June, 2014

8:00-9:00 Regisztráció és reggeli kávé/Registration and coffee


Arató Bence, BI Consulting

Best Practices in Data Warehouse Architecture

Stephen Brobst, Teradata

Kávészünet/Coffee Break

Great Data Isn't an Accident, It Happens by Design

Todd Goldman, Informatica

Interactive CRM at PKO Bank

Marcin Bednarski, PKO BP

12:15-13:30 Ebédszünet/Lunch Break

Bevezetés az adattárház automatizálásba

Gollnhofer Gábor, Jet-Sol

Adattárház automatizálási tapasztalatok a Generali Biztosítóban

Csonka Zoltán, Generali

KKV adattárházak

Csippán János, Partner in Pet Food

Introduction to Modern Big Data Technologies

Balogh György, LogDrill

Analyzing Big Data using
Hadoop and Hive

Domaniczky Lajos, Independent Expert

Data Warehousing in the
Big Data era

Dr. Horváth Gábor, Teradata

Kávészünet/Coffee Break

Közbeszerzési adattárház open source alapokon

Dr. Nizalowski Attila, NFM;
Fekszi Csaba, Omnit

Adattárházak minőségbiztosítása

Kővári Attila, BI Projekt

Ügyfélviselkedés elemzése szociális hálók segítségével az Erste Banknál

Rékasi László, Erste Bank;
Szücs Imre, United Consult

Adatmodellezés a gyakorlatban

Kóspál Eszter Sára, CIB Bank

Data First Frame - How to build big data architecture

Luis Moreno Campos, Oracle

Big methods on not-so-big data
- a telco churn case study

Nagy Zoltán, Data Solutions

Small data: the burden of manual DWH input

Borsodi Szilárd, T-Systems

Big Data in Mobile Network Analysis

Pocsarovszky Károly, eNet

17:00-17:30 Konferenciazárás/Closing Plenary

Workshop day

6th June, 2014.

8:30-9:00 Regisztráció és reggeli kávé/Registration and coffee

Agile data warehousing architecture

Stephen Brobst, Teradata


Bevezetés a MongoDB használatába

Izsák Tamás, Appworks


12:00-13:00 Ebédszünet/Lunch Break

From Zero to Hadoop

Alex Dean, Snowplow Analytics


Hatékony ETL folyamatok kialakítása

Gollnhofer Gábor, Jet-Sol


Zárás/Workshop day closing





We will have 2 full conference days with keynote talks and multiple parallel sessions on Wednesday & Thursday and a dedicated in-depth training day on Friday.
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Being a favourite among both business travellers and savvy backpackers, Budapest thrives in good quality accommodations with reasonable prices, and those seeking for executive or luxury categories will also find a wide variety of hotels to stay in. If you need accommodation, we can help you to book at the venue for affordable prices. See our Registration page for details.

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The venue of the Data Warehouse Forum this year is the Hotel Mercure Buda.
For participants using public transport the hotel is easy to access from Déli railway station.
For guests arriving by car, parking is free of charge on the street in front of the hotel, but on the side streets parking is metered.


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